Welcome to the Audition installation page! Please follow the step-by-step guide below to help you install the audition game client.

If you have NOT downloaded the Audition game client, please go to our DOWNLOAD section.

STEP 1:Installation

When you have completed the Audition game client download, look for the Audition Setup.exe file in the folder you saved it in, open the file and select "RUN" to start the installation process.
STEP 2:Setup

Choose the directory where you would like to install Audition and press "NEXT". If you do not choose a directory, the game will be installed in the default folder.
STEP 3:Installation Complete

Press "FINISH" after the installation has been completed.
  STEP 4:Start Audition

Double-click on the Audition icon on your desktop to start the game. Please note that the game will automatically download the latest updates and patches that you'll need to play the game.