Scoring System

To be among the best players in Audition, you must score as many points as you can in each game. Here is a guide to show you how.

The Rhythm Bar

The Rhythm Bar is there to guide you through the song and help your rhythmic senses. It is also a crucial component of receiving higher scores. You must hit the Space Bar after inputting the correct arrow key combination, but wait till the ball moves as close as possible to the center of the blue shaded portion of the bar to receive a higher score!

PERFECT! miss...

Depending on how close you hit the Space Bar when the ball reaches the center of the blue shaded portion of the bar, you will receive one of five different scores: Perfect, Great, Cool, Bad or Miss.

If you string together consecutive Perfect scores, the amount of points you receive will start to multiply by the number of Perfect combinations you pulled off while increasing the overall style of your dance performance!


When Freestyle moves come into play, you are given the freedom to push any directional key to start and perform the dance moves you want.

Finish Move

A Finish Move can give you a great deal of points to your overall score, but pulling them off can be tricky. Some Finish Moves will have RED arrows that force the player to input the direction OPPOSITE of what's being displayed to successfully finish the move, but if you do, you will be rewarded with some of the most wicked, stylish dance moves that will amaze the crowd!


Is the game too easy for you? Do you need more of a challenge?
You can gain even more points by activating the 8-Key controls by pressing the INSERT?button on your keyboard. Using the NUMPAD controls, you will also have to account for diagonal arrows when performing each dance move.

Chance Mode

WHAT? The game still not hard enough for you?!
To gain even MORE points, you have the option to turn on Chance mode by pressing the DELETE?button on your keyboard. When this mode is turned on, RED arrows will also appear on the input bar starting from Level 6. Players must input the direction OPPOSITE of the red arrow direction to successfully finish the move.