Fashion Mall Guide

Welcome to your guide to shopping in Audition! Choose from thousands of different clothes, shoes, hair styles, hats, pets, accessories and more and make sure you look hot when you're on that dance floor!

* Please note that Fashion Mall items may only be purchased in the game. Some items are purchasable by using BEATS, which can be earned by playing through the game, while other items are purchasable by using BANA CASH, a form of virtual in-game currency.
To find out more about BANA CASH, please click HERE.

Main Screen

1) Avatar - Preview what your selections would look like.
2) Skin Color - Change the color of your character's skin by clicking on this button
3) Character Camera - Click the "-" or "+" to zoom in and out. You can also click on the rotate button to rotate your character. You can also click and hold the character, then move the mouse to rotate your character.
4) Men's & Women's Items - Toggle between male and female items.
5) My Items - You can view all the items that you have bought by clicking here.
6) My Setup - Click on this button to save the clothes the way you want to wear it to quickly change back and forth between out fils.
7) Shopping Cart - Clicking this shows you all the items you played on the shopping cart.
8) View My Partner - If you have a couple, you can click here to view his or her character to check out what they're wearing!
9) Current Clothes - Clicking this button lets you view what you currently have on.
10) Mini Cart - A miniature version of the shopping cart will be opened if you click here

1) Item Category - Select item category
2) Search - Search for an item by name
3) Sort - Sort items by your preference

1) Item Name
2) Duration of Item
3) Cast of Item
4) Purchase Item Now
5) Remove Item from Cart

1) Current Clothes - Check out all the clothes you are currently wearing
2) Mini Shopping Cart - See what items you placed on the mini shopping cart
3) My Group - Choose which group you want to save your outfit under
4) Save - Save what you are currently wearing after choosing your group