July 15
10pcs. 3x EXP Cards
July 16
Premium Messenger Plus
July 17
Sparkling Bubbles Effect
July 18
(5 pcs) Secret Shopper
July 19
Twinkling Finish
July 20
Sweet Baby Fox Ruby
July 21
Peach Aniticon
July 22
Freshmen Preppy Hair
July 23
Freshmen Preppy Jacket
July 24
Freshmen Preppy Tights
July 25
Freshmen Preppy Kix
July 26
Nickname Changer
July 27
30 Days Exchange Coupon
July 28
Rear AngelWing Effect
July 29
Sleepy Moon Cloud
July 30
July 31
50% discount coupon
Home Premium Mark


* Players must log-in to the game and claim the reward.
* Event starts on July 15, 2019 EST and ends on July 31, 2019 EST.
* Items claimed are automatically sent to your gift box. Should issues occur, kindly contact the support team.
* Accounts should have an in-game character in order to claim the reward.
* The duration of the items will be 30 days.
* Rewards can only be claimed upon logging into the game client.