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[January 2020] Can You Beat The Master of 1-2? Event

View : 439    Date : 01/10/2020



Hello everyone! Have you ever think that you wanted to become a master at something? Are you willing to take the chance in becoming one? Well here is an event just for you!

January 17th - January 30th, Fridays and Saturdays


- Vou will mega and announce when the room is opened within the mode:
1-2 Party
- The song will be chosen by the CA.
- The users that can beat Vou will win.
- 3 rounds will be played.

- The players that beat Vou will receive 1 pc 30% Discount Coupon

- Players can only join once per event day to give chance to other players to join, but can still win on other days.

- CA Vou