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[January 2020] Follow In My Footsteps Event

View : 426    Date : 01/14/2020



Teachers are very important in life. Ultimately, you want to become as good as or even better than them.

Show your teachers what you’ve learned from them and rock the dance floor!

Schedule Day & Time:
January 15th  - January 31st at random times

- Mode: Random Mode (in Normal Mode), Random Music, Random BPM, Chance 3
- The player closest to the CA‘s amount of perfects will win, in case the CA has the highest amount of perfects.
- All players who beat the CA in perfects will be rewarded the main prize

1 pc 30 Day Exchange Coupon for winners
Non-winning participants will get 20 rounds of x3 EXP cards

Players can only win once in the event


Show me watch you got and let's rock the dance floor!

- CA Deniz