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[December 2019] Christmas Gifts Sharing! Event

View : 14,727    Date : 12/23/2019



Seasons Greetings Auditioneers~ :)

The Christmas Winter Holiday Season is here! "'Tis the season to be jolly... la la la lala, la la la laaaa..." ^_^

Let's all celebrate the season of giving by sending Christmas Gifts with heart-felt message to our friends, loved ones and to one another in Winter Audition Town~ :3

Happy Winter Holidays~! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!~ :D :*

Please go to this link for sending Christmas Gifts:

Christmas Gifts Sharing




- Send Surprise Christmas Gifts to others together with your message (up to 64 characters or letters, special characters are not allowed)
- Take note to put your recipient's IGN (In-Game Name or In-Game Nickname), NOT the Account ID and is CASE SENSITIVE
- All Christmas Gift Box items are avatars, some are Limited Edition and several are "hidden" avatars.
- Kindly submit a ticket to the support team should you encounter any problems or if you have any questions.
- Players who sent 12 gifts will get the EXCLUSIVE "Gifters" Mark or Badge
- Players who received 25 gifts will get the EXCLUSIVE "Receivers" Mark or Badge

- All Christmas Gift items are in "Indefinite" or no expiration and some are Limited Edition or not available in the Shopping Mall
- Christmas Gift items are automatically sent to the Gift Box of the receiver immediately
- Items in the Christmas Gift are randomly drawn, can be obtained repeatedly and non-refundable.
- Important: *Always put or leave a message to your friends together with the Christmas Gifts (up to 64 characters or letters, special characters are not allowed).
- Chance of getting the items are all equal.