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[Dec.Discord][December 2019] Christmas Scrabble! Event

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Join CA Covey's first CA event, Christmas Scrabble!

Time: December 4th - December 28th
Every Wednesday and Friday @Random Times

- Forum/Facebook entries do not count.
- You will need to join the Discord Server @ [insert discord link here] to enter.
- Covey will post a picture, starting the round (8 rounds total)
- Use the ornaments on the tree to guess the correct term
- Answer in the #council-discord-event chat (in Discord)
- The first person to answer correctly will win a prize.

Winner -
3 000 Bana Cash
1 pc 30 Day Exchange Coupon

Non-winning participants -
20 Rounds of 3x EXP Cards

- Participants that do not win will receive Participant Prizes
- Limit 1 IGN per Discord name for your entry
- Limit 1 participant win and grand prize win per IGN/Discord name.
- Final judgement for prizes will be made when the event is over.