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[December 2019] Christmas Wishlist! Event

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**The ''Christmas Wishlist'' event has made a comeback to the forums and now Discord (in #christmas-wishlists )! For traditional purposes, I'm using KuKu's explanation of the event like the previous hosts. **

Forum Link:,545.0.html

Discord Link:

Feel free to post and grant wishes on both platforms. Wishlist index will be updated on both platforms simulataneously. .

Originally hosted by K u k u ` for two consecutive years, continued by JacKaYu, continued by Yo~ for two consecutive years,continued again by Sharchie and Kaeluh and then Blubba . This event will be running for the eighth time!!  It's a perfect way to share the holidays with an online community!

Christmas is a time of giving and receiving. In this event, you do both. Create a wishlist with up to ten wishes. This can include anything, such a graphics, drawings, photos, or any other thing you can come up with, but limit it to 10. However, it wouldn't be good to make your wishes too...extravagant.

Take a look at the other wishlists and see if there is something that you can do. Even the tiniest gift can bring happiness to someone.
Wishes will be completed by everyone out of the kindness of their hearts. Although you submit a wishlist, you are not required to fulfill another person's wish. It is all up to you.No one will be scorned or shunned for not giving any wishes. Shame on you if you shun anyone.

If you want to, you may choose to fulfill a wish anonymously. Just PM me (@Badass) the gift and we will post it as an anonymous gifter. Or if you don't trust me, feel free to post it on a new account.

-Please remember that people who complete wishes are doing this out of the kindness of their own heart. Do not rush anyone or QQ about your wishes not being granted.
-Please remember to provide the necessary references and whatnot needed to complete your wish.
-Give people time to complete wishes. A lot of people have a busy schedule.
-Everyone who participates will be benefited.

There is no due date for sign-ups. You can post your wishlist whenever you want. However, do take note that if you post it around a week before Christmas and as an example, your wishes are all `draw my whole fam` or something along the lines of that, it is unlikely that any will be granted. Take note of the time that people have to complete wishes.

This event will end on Christmas for all time zones. So even if Christmas is over for you but still on for another person, you can still give them a gift.
Event Deion by K u k u `
***Please do not reply to this post***

Render by Sol from LAU <3 , event picture by Badass