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[November 2019] Mystery Gift Thanksgiving! Event

View : 3,703    Date : 11/27/2019


Greetings All Auditioneers!

The season of giving is back!

Play, rest and share your love with your family. 
Also, don't forget to use this season's chance to send your letter and gifts to your friends and loved ones in Audition Town for even more cheerful Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving~!

Please go to this link for sending Mystery Gifts:




- Send Mystery Gifts to others together with your message (up to 64 characters or letters, special characters are not allowed)
- Top 3 Generous players will receive Generous Mark badge
- Top 3 Most Loved players will receive Spender Mark badge
- Take note to put your recipient's IGN(In-Game Name or In-Game Nickname), NOT the Account ID and is CASE SENSITIVE
- All Mystery Gift Box items are avatars, some are Limited Edition and several are "hidden" avatars.
- Kindly submit a ticket to the support team should you encounter any problems or you have any questions.

- All Mystery Gift items are in "Indefinite" or no expiration and some are Limited Edition or not available in the Shopping Mall
- Mystery Gift items are automatically sent to the Gift Box of the receiver immediately
- Items in the Mystery Gift box are randomly drawn, can be obtained repeatedly and non-refundable.
- Important:

*Always put or leave a message to your friends together with the Mystery Gifts (up to 64 characters or letters, special characters are not allowed).
- Chance of getting the items are all equal