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[October 2019] Couple Spooky Treat! Discord Event

View : 1,214    Date : 10/30/2019



Happy Halloween Auditioneers!~ :D

Do you and your couple have plans for Halloween? Get your halloween costumes and outfits ready and to spook others with your Couple! ^^

Discord Link:

- Post an image of you and your Couple in Discord under #couple-spooky-treat-event of your scariest Halloween outfit together in-game!
- Event runs from October 30 to November 3, 2019.
- Include you and your couple's IGN in your post.
- You can either take your screenshots inside a room in-game, or while dancing together with your Couple
- Either you or your Couple can submit your entries. If your Couple already submitted an entry, you can no longer submit. You or your Couple's entry is considered as one entry.

1st Prize = 90-days Accessory of your choice & 90-days GrimReaper's Death Note Accessory each
2nd Prize = 30-days Accessory of your choice & 30-days GrimReaper Death Note Accessory each
3rd Prize = 7-days Accessory of your choice & 7-days GrimReaper Death Note Accessory each

*All Non-Winning participants will receive a 1 pc 30% Discount Coupon and a 1 pc 30-day Exchange Coupon each

- Redbana Staff, CAs and Discord (Redbana Audition Official) Members will be able to judge the entries.
50% - Redbana Staff
25% - CAs
25% - Discord (Redbana Audition Official) Members
Total of 100%

- Entries should be posted in the event thread/discord #couple-spooky-treat-event.

Good Luck everyone! :)