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[Redbana Audition] Official Discord Opening Event

View : 40,219    Date : 10/23/2019



What’s up Auditioneers?

Want to know more people that inside the game? Join us in our official Redbana Audition Discord server!

Join us now here in Redbana Audition Discord link:

- Join the discord server through this link:
- Drop your IGN in the "event-chat" text channel!
- If you are referred by a friend, you must mention their discord server name along with your IGN. (e.g. Tianha invited by @Brazen)
- Engage with the community and gain new friends!!!

- The first 100 accounts who join the server will receive 40 pcs 2x EXP Cards and 2 pcs of 7-day exchange coupons!
- Players who invite other players to join will receive 30% discount coupon for each referral! (*Player must tag the inviter in the free chat, maximum 3 referrals.

- All rewards will be sent after the event.
- Event will run until October 30, 2019 EST.

What are you waiting for? Come chat with you co-online dancers now and make friends with people around the world!~

See you everyone! :) :-*