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[September 2019] Shining, Shimmering, Combo Event

View : 1,042    Date : 09/04/2019


When you wish to win in Shooting Star, will you be Shining, Shimmering, splendid?! :D 

- A GM will make a room under the following settings -
Mode: Shooting Star (Hard)
Song: GM's Discretion
Map: Random

- The player who gets the highest combo for a round may request for any 30-day mall item (except for home premium mark and hidden items)
All Participants will receive a 7-day Fantasia Finish item (so you'd keep on Shining and Shimmering! :D)

- Players to be proven of hacking in any forms will forfeit his or her prize and be banned.
- Any disputes from the player forfeit his/her prize.
- Player can only win once

Keep on Shining! See you all in-game! :D