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[September 2019] Whos Bad (CA EVENT)

View : 346    Date : 09/01/2019



Who needs to be perfect when you could be bad? 

The requirement to join is performing 'Billie Jean' motion in the 'Participant' spot , Level 6 + 

-Song: Random (All)
-Mode : Random but limited to modes that give 'Bad' judgment 
-Times: Friday, Saturday and Sunday all month at random times. 

Mechanics : 
-A Community Agent (CA) will mega and post in the event thread(s) when the event is starting. 
-User that has the most 'Bad' judgments in the game wins 5,000 BANA CASH
-If users have the same amount of Bad judgments, the user with the most bads + lowest ranking will win. 
-User can only win once throughout the event and cannot give their prize to another player.

See ya'll on the floor ~*~*~*~*