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[JULY 2019] Guitar Legends!

View : 790    Date : 07/03/2019


Hello Auditioneers!

Do you like playing guitar? Show off your rockstar skills in-game!



- A GM will create a Guitar Room, songs at GM's discretion (Random Easy-Hard)

- The player who gets at least a rank A will get cash rewards!



RANK A - 1500 BC

RANK S - 3500 BC

RANK SS - 6000 BC



- An account can only win once for the event.

- Rewards for the winners will be sent after the rounds.

- A GM will megaphone when a round is about to start.

- Players to be proven of hacking in any forms will forfeit his or her prize and be banned.

- Any disputes from the player forfeit his/her prize.


See you in-game (aspiring) guitar freaks!