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[February 2020] Club Dance 101! Event

View : 545    Date : 02/04/2020



Greetings everyone! Have you ever wanted to dance with a loved one or maybe your dearest best friend? Have you wanted to show off your moves to everyone? Then here is an event for you!  ;)

Time & Schedule:
- February 7th - February 28th
- Every Fridays and Sundays of February at random times

- A CA will create a room with the mode: Club Dance
- The song will be chosen by CA Vou.
- The players with the most hearts together wins.

- 1 pc 30 Day Exchange Coupon; 1 time per account.
- All participants will receive 20 x3 exp cards; 1 time per account.

- Only one player can participate at a time allowing others to have a chance.

Have Fun!

- CA Vou