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[August 2020] 50% More Bonus Cash Hot Summer Sale!

View : 2,807    Date : 08/12/2020



Get your 50% BONUS BANA CASH ^.^

Players who will purchase Bana Cash on August 12 (05:00) to 15 (05:00), 2020 (in-game time/EST) will receive an additional 50% worth of Bana Cash per purchase!

- $5 transactions are NOT INCLUDED.
- Bonus Bana Cash is applied per transaction made.
- *Event will run starting the event August 12, 2020 (5:00) (in-game time/EST) (Type in the message bar of the lobby "/time" to get the in-game time).
- Bana Cash received will vary from CAD transactions.


Purchase Bana Cash HERE:
Important notice about 'Gift Bana Cash':