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[August 2020] Paw-some Rhythm Holic Event

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What do you call security agents in a club? Pawdy Guards.
What was the cat's favorite class in college? Meowsic Theory.
What do you call a dancing sheep? A baaa-lerina
What do these puns have in common? Rhythm Holic! Ain't that Purrfect?

In a team of 6 players, collaborate together to complete the Holic Gauge to win the event!

Time & Schedule:
- Every Tuesdays from August 1st to August 31st;
- America: Between 7PM to 10PM (EST);
- Europe: Between 1PM to 4PM (EST) / 7PM to 10PM (Europe);
- Three rounds will be hosted by CAs for both timezones.

- A CA will be create a room with the mode: Rhythm Holic
- The song will be put to "Random 120-140~BPM"
- The team must complete the holic gauge to win the round.

- (Pet) Monkey Mong - 30 days;
- All participating players: 20pcs 2x EXPs (1 time per account).

- A player can only win once during the event period;
- Rewards can not be sent to another player;
- Disconnecting players will not qualify for the participating reward;
- Rewards may be subjected to changes without notice.

Good luck!
- CA Acquisitive & CA 2