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[July 2020] Bingo 777 Event

View : 9,233    Date : 07/22/2020



The New Bingo is here! :D ^.^

Try your luck on our Bingo board and win awesome, cool and super rare prizes!

Package 1 - Summer Picnic CoupleLook Set
Package 2 - Wild Zebra CoupleLook Set
Package 3 - Tactical Vest CoupleLook Set
Package 4 - Summer Prankster CoupleLook Set




Blackout Pattern Rewards:
1. Five Sets (INDEFINITE) of choice *Current Avatar Update:
2. Two Sets (INDEFINITE) of choice (TO BE GIVEN TO ANYONE OF CHOICE) *maximum of 2 IGN for gifts or to be gifted to anyone of your choice
3. 500,000 Banacash Bonus!
4. Send ticket to Support for your choice of rewards


- The first BINGO card is free. All cards after will have to be purchased.
- Once a new BINGO card is purchased, Token count will also reset.
- Tokens refer to the Spins that can be purchased for each card (i.e. limit of 40).
- Purchase a 'Spin' to receive a random number.
- If the Spin number is on the BINGO card, it will be highlighted.
- All Spin numbers received will be displayed in the lower right box.
- If Spin numbers appear as pattern on the BINGO card, special rewards will be sent.
- Once a pattern is achieved, all items listed on the corresponding Package will be sent.
- Claim Bonus BINGO Reward once all numbers on a BINGO card are obtained.
- Real Cash and Bonus Cash can be used.
- Cards, spins and rewards are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
- The numbers in the Bingo Card are random.
- All rewards are of equal probability of getting.


List of Probable Rewards (Female):


List of Probable Rewards (Male):