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[July 2020] Summer TikTok Challenge Event Winners

View : 1,245    Date : 07/22/2020



Hi All Auditioneers, :)

Here are the winners of the Summer TikTok Challenge Event:

* First Place:
Forum Name - Teddiiem
IGN: Teddiiem

* Second Place:
Forum Name - luv2laff
IGN: Kisa-chan

* Third Place:
Forum Name - JennnHuanng_Cup
IGN: cupcake_56

Tie -
Forum Name - Infectivee
IGN: Jhay
Couple IGN: Jilly
Forum Name - Brin
IGN: Rejectzs
Couple IGN: Regretzs

Congratulations! Kindly pease wait for your rewards and thank you very much to all the participants ^_^

For the *First Place, 1 Complete Set (Hair, Top, Bottom, Shoes) of Choice to be turned into "INDEF", *Reminder Only (Hair, Top, Bottom, Shoes), kindly please send ticket to Support with the title Summer TikTok Challenge Winner. Thank you :)

Keep on dancin' :3