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[June 2020] Summer Fashion Runway

View : 1,537    Date : 06/20/2020



Hello everyone! Since it's the summer time and everyone is hopefully enjoying it, I decide to make another event for you guys. A Summer Fashion Runway! How would you dress yourself for the summer let's see!

- Players must make an outfit that relates to summer.
- All entries must be submitted under this thread. (In the forum:
- Include your IGN.
- Screenshots must be in JPG file or PNG file.

- First place getting the set for 90 days.
- Second place getting the set for 30 days.
- Third place getting the set for 7 days.
- All Participants gets x20 2x EXP cards.

- Only 1 entry per person.
- Entries should be posted on this thread. (In the forum:

- Outfits are to be posted under the forum thread here >>

- CA Vou