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View : 330    Date : 03/08/2023

Mouse mode is a mode in which keynotes are input and played using the mouse.
 Move the mouse up and down, left and right, and use left and right clicks.

 Rhythm Ball

 - It moves according to the movement of the mouse in the judgment zone.
 Keynotes in each direction can be entered according to the position in any area of
 the judgment zone.

 Basic Note

 - It is a key note that gathers in the center from the four directions, up, down, left,
 and right. You can input by moving the rhythm ball and placing it in the judgment
 zone in the direction the keynote is coming

 Click Note

 - Unlike the basic notes, these are notes that go left and right from the center. The
 close you get to the judgment line, the large note becomes, and you can input
 notes by clicking the left and right buttons of the mouse according to the timing
 when you reach judgment line.

 Finish Time

 - When entering the finish section, the keynote no longer appears, but the phrase
 Shake it appears. If you shake the rhythm ball with the mouse in the judgment
 zone, the number of hits increases by the number of shakes. Depending on the
 number of hits, you will be judged as Perfect, Great, Cool, Bad, or Miss, and you
 will receive points accordingly.


 Special Feature

 - Basic Notes are scored according to two judgments, Perfect and Miss
 - Click Notes are scored according to five criteria: Perfect, Great, Cool, Bad, and