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[November 2021] Roll a Dice! Go! Go! Event

View : 1,179    Date : 11/24/2021

Good Day Auditioneers!

The Dice Event is back! It will be open for 2 WEEKS! From November 24 to December 22.

How to play?

  1. Players will have a free 3x "Chance" to roll everyday.
  2. The number of "Chance" increase by 1 after playing 5 rounds of Audition (Once per day)
  3. Once you spend 200,000 Beats in the Shopping Mall, Couple Garden and Buddy Garden, the number of "Chance" increase by 1. (Once per day)
  4. Including the 3 Free "Chance", a maximum of 5 rolls are available daily.
  5. The "Chance", "Total Play", and "Used Beats" reset at 4:00 everyday.
  6. You'll be given 7 Days Exchange Coupon upon finishing one round.

Good Luck!

Best Regards,