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New Set Avatar Functions!

View : 460    Date : 11/24/2021

Hello Auditioneers!

A Set Avatar Functions are now implemented in-game!

Some of the Avatars on the  "Sets Tab" in-game has a (S) Icon. This Avatars has additional s like new motions, effect and UI.

Same concept designed Pet with (S) Icon will also be sold, Pet can only be purchase when user already possess Optional Avatar. (Male or Female don’t matter)

Basic Pet option is EXP+40, and with Avatar equipped at the sametime, gets extra effect.

Sparkling effect and motion adjustment, motion can be selected through "Right Click then Click Show Emotion". Emotion will randomly displayed when entering rooms, or can be selected as shown below.

Another new features of the Set Avatar is the new Score UI in-game and Finish Move.

Finish Move is only available through 1 person dance motion, not available for free style or multi finishing motion.

If you already have some of these Set Avatars, what are you waiting for? GO and check it out!

Best Regards,