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Server Maintenance 10/25/2022 [COMPLETED]

View : 376    Date : 10/25/2022

 Hi Auditioneers~

 Server is now up! 

 Trick or Treat! Happy Halloween!

 Here are the updates for today's maintenance!

 2 Horrible Halloween Package Update! 
        “Do I look scary enough? Boo!”

 Halloween Corpse Couple Package (8,800 Banacash)
 - Pale Corpse Bride/Groom Set (7 days)
 - 2x Exp Cards (2) a total of 40pcs 
 - Mystery Shopper Item (1)

 Halloween Joker Package (10,900 Banacash) 
 - Why So Serious Hair & Set (7 days)
 - 2x Exp Cards (2) a total of 40pcs 
 - Mystery Shopper Item (1)


 *The Mystery Shopper Box contains random avatars!  

 * The Halloween Packages are 20% discounted 
    Halloween Corpse Couple Package ( From 11,000 Banacash to 8,800 Banacash ) 
    Halloween Joker Package ( From 13,200 Banacash to 10,900 Banacash)

 *Players who will purchase any of the 2 Halloween Package  will received  “2x couple point item” as a bonus gift 

 *To receive the 2x Couple Point Item reward – Just simply send us a ticket and provide the following information; 
 - User ID
 - IGN/Nickname
 - Registered Email Address 

 4 New songs!

 - Halloween party
 - Like Funk 
 - Run Day Step110 
 - Run Day Step120

 Love Party Plus Price Update!

 We are happy to inform our players that we've repriced the Love Party Plus to 4,000 Banacash!


 New Avatars and Mascot items!

 - 99 Male and Female Avatar 

 - 35 Male and Female Mascot Avatar 

 - 2 Halloween Avatar “Glowing Skeleton Lady&Guy”

Let's Play and See you in-game~ :3 :*