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Server Maintenance 04/19/2022 [COMPLETED]

View : 431    Date : 04/20/2022

Hi Auditioneers~,

Please be informed that will be having our weekly maintenance, April 19, 2022 at 10:00 PM EST

Server Maintenance will take around an hour or so. Thank you for your continuous support. :)

*Server will be closed by then until further notice.


- 2 Weeks Attendance Event
- 96 Male and Female New avatars 
- 31 Male and Female New Mascot's avatars

30 Special Set Avatars


- Tzuyu Yellow Idol
- Dahyun Purple Idol
- Jihyo Black Idol
- Mina Blue Idol
- Nayeon Red Idol
- Irene Crop Top Idol
- Wendy Crop Top Idol
- Seulgi Crop Top Idol
- Yeri Crop Top Idol
- Joy Crop Top Idol
- Oh My Idol Purple
- Oh My Idol Yellow
- Oh My Idol Black
- Oh My Idol Violet
- Oh My Idol Green


- Heechul Red Idol
- Shindong Black Idol
- Leeteuk Blue Idol
- Siwon Gray Idol
- Sungnim Green Idol
- Minhyuk Pink Idol
- Hyungwon Gray Idol
- Kihyun Green Idol
- Joohoney Blue Idol
- Daesung Black Idol
- TOP Red Idol
- Gdragon Black Idol
- Taeyang Beige Idol
- Seungri Gray Idol
- Jay Park Green Idol

We're truly sorry for the long wait and than you so much for patiently waiting everyone.

Let's Play and See you in-game~ :3 :*