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[March 2022] Summer Tiktok Challenge Event! [ENDED]

View : 2,531    Date : 03/24/2022


Hi Auditioners!

The Summer Tiktok Challenge Event will be returning this March 2022! So get your phones and ready those moves as this event will make you a Star! 

Event Starts on: March 24, 2022 (After the Maintenance)
Event Ends on: April 14, 2022, (After the Maintenance)
Winner Announced on: April 18, 2022
The reward will be sent on: April 18, 2022

1. Contestants who choose to participate must create a video of through the app TikTok.
2. Participants will copy 20~60 seconds dance step from the game and their Avatar is required to be right besides them.
3. Must use #hanbitaudition tag.
4. Fansign with your IGN.
5. Contestants should dance in person with his avatar in the TikTok video.
6. Submit your entry here on this link:
7. Make sure to fill out all the details in the submission form and the video is set to public.

1. Must be "Summer Themed" with #hanbitaudition tag
2. Video length 20 to 60 seconds
3. Appropriate sound (music, original, etc.)
   * No profanity
   * No inappropriate language
4. Appropriate skit/dance/appearance
   * No inappropriate gestures
   * Appropriate clothing
   * Keep it professional

- Creativity - 25%
- Execution - 25%
- Originality - 25%
- Visual Appeal - 25%

The selected winners will receive Banacash as a Reward!

List of rewards :
Winner - 100,000 Banacash
1st Runner Up - 50,000 Banacash
2nd Runner UP - 25,000 Banacash

Participation Reward - 10,000 Banacash


Lucrative (100,000 Banacash)
Tiktok Entry :

1st Place: brin (50,000 Banacash)
Tiktok Entry :

2nd Place: teaFleur (25,000 Banacash)
Tiktok Entry :

Participation Reward: xXSarahXx  (10,000 Banacash)
Tiktok Entry :

Rewards will be given after our weekly maintenance.

Thank you so much for participating, Auditioneers! <3