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[March 2020] 22222222 Event!

View : 1,422    Date : 04/01/2020


Hi Auditioneers!

Our new mode, Two Hands Mode is here and we would love to welcome with 22222222 Event!

Join and win Banacash Prize!


- Play 2 Hands Mode with a friend - We will list down 22 songs that you can choose to play and try to be the Top "Score Duo" (The sum of you and your friend's score) of each songs

- Choose 1 song out of the 22 songs on the list to submit your Top Duo Score. Each team or duo is limited to only 1 entry only.

- Post the screenshot with timestamp(/time) of you and your friend finishing the 2 Hands Mode and showing your scores - We will sum up your score and your friend's score ("Score Duo")

- The Top 1 "Score Duo" (The sum of you and your friend's score) of each song wins - You can try all of the 22 songs to find the song you are best with

- Include your IGN in your post in this forum thread

- A player can only duo another player once and cannot duo to another player and same with the friend. Or one Team/Duo per account

- The use of "Chance" is not allowed Post it in this format: IGN: IGN of your friend or couple or partner or duo: Duo Score: Screenshot: Here is the list of the 22 songs: Rewards:

- Top 1 "Score Duo" (The sum of you and your friend's score) of each song wins 22,222 Bana Cash



- 1 entry per duo team per song

- 1 entry per player and cannot change duo or partner

- Players can only win once throughout the event - Rewards will be sent after event has ended

- Prizes will be automatically split between you and your couple with the choice of splitting the prize based on individual scores

- All submissions is reccomended to be in an public album or set of attachments in one forum post

List of songs:

At or Above 130 BPM
1. (130 BPM) bbno$ & y2k - lalala
2. (208 BPM) Daniel Rosty - See the Stars 208
3. (142 BPM) Allan Cutler - DJ stole my heart (142 BPM)
4. (132 BPM) Audition - Dance Dance
5. (152 BPM) Zeds Dead - Coffee Break
6. (142 BPM) Audition - 3254 Techno Party
7. (132 BPM) Audition - Destiny
8. (142 BPM) Audition- Spain Moonlight
9. (132 BPM) H*Wood - Hollywood Life
10. (132 BPM) Amo -The Alibi
11. (152 BPM) Audition - Fly High (Hard) Below 130 BPM
12. (128 BPM) Bali Bandits - Roll 'n Rock
13. (126 BPM) Da Campo & SMACK - Renegade
14. (124 BPM) M-22 Arlissa Kiana Lede - Eyes Off You
15. (107 BPM) Mackenzie Edge - Back To You
16. (107 BPM) DROELOE - Weird Machine
17. (100 BPM) Butter - Lifted
18. (120 BPM) Beat City - Audition
19. (102) Yellow Claw - DJ Turn It Up
20.(82 BPM) Train Rolling through the Sea when it rains (easy) - Audition
21. (92 BPM) Tropkillaz - Two Drags
22.(100 BPM) Leaving - Audition