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[January 2020] Draw Your Audi Life! Event

View : 793    Date : 01/16/2020



Do you enjoy reading comics? Don't you feel the urge to just draw your life? Well if you do, this is the event for you! Everyone will have the chance to submit a comic strip about your Redbana Audition life, how you met the people you talk to today, and about anything else that has happened to you.

Scheduled Day & Time:
January 18th - February 18th
Webcomic and Comic Strip submissions end on February 19th at 2:59 AM EST /  February 18th at 11:59 PM PST

***For more details and information of the mechanics and notes, please go to this link:

- Create a webcomic or comic strip about your time on Redbana Audition
Web Comic - a series of comic strips published online.
Comic Strip - A comic strip is a sequence of drawings arranged in interrelated panels to display brief humor or form a narrative, often serialized, with text in balloons and captions.
3D Render - 3D rendering is the 3D computer graphics process of converting 3D models into 2D images on a computer. 3D renders may include photorealistic effects or non-photorealistic styles. (Audition Character Renders , graphic design, etc.)

- 3D Renders and Non-3D Renders for your characters are accepted for your entries.

*Please do not make videos, please stick to a webcomic or comic strip format.

- Submit it in a way that's easiest for you, be sure that it can be opened by the public.
- One entry per forum account/person.
- You cannot post for someone else.
- Do not post someone else's work, it must be created by you as the artist.
- Inappropriate or forged entries will automatically be disqualified.

1st place - 30,000 Bana Cash
2nd place - 20,000 Bana Cash
3rd place - 10,000 Bana Cash
All participants get the following prizes: 50% Discount Coupon and a 30 day Exchange Coupon.

Hope you guys enjoy and have fun!

- CA Advance