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[March 2020] Feeling Lucky Event

View : 1,367    Date : 03/09/2020



Are you feeling lucky? Then come try out your luck and let's see if you can achieve the Leprechaun's lucky number.

March 13th - March 29th on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

- Covey/CAs will mega when the room is about to open
- Players will try to get the most 7's on their score, ideal number is 777,777
- Random mode and songs will be chosen by Host

If 2nd place gets 377,059 and 5th place got 277,775 then only 5th place wins, since they got the most 7 on their score.

- Winner wins (1) 30 Day Exchange Coupon 1 time per account.
- Participants will get x3 EXP Item (20 rounds/1 piece) 1 time per account.
- Players that score 777,777 will be gifted 2 Exchange Coupons , 1 time per account.

- If players get the same amount of 7's, the highest score will win
- Players can only win once throughout the event
- One participant reward for each players.
- Disconnected players will be disqualified for that round
- Winners cannot give their rewards away

Good luck <3
CA Covey