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[April 2019] Serenade Corner~

View : 517    Date : 04/01/2019

Holler at our Auditioneers who love to sing!!!~ It's time we show appreciation to you guys~
Send an entry to the Serenade Corner 


- Submitted videos should at least be 90 seconds of taped singing via webcam, camcorder, or other similar devices.
- Video submissions must include your in-game name and the date of when you performed legibly written on a piece of paper before the song cover. (Only one performer may be present in the submitted video.)
- Performers must be wearing appropriate attire, though you're encouraged to draw inspiration from your fave Audition outfit!~ Gotta look fab while you're at it 
Songs included in video clips must be featured in the Redbana Audition game.
Only one video submission per contestant.
- Troll entries will be automatically disqualified.

Submitting your entry:
- Upload the video on YouTube with the title Redbana Serenade by (YOUR IGN)
- Reply to this thread with the following information: the direct link to your video, your IGN, Song Title and Artist, Song BPM, and a short message if you want!
- You may submit your entries from April 1, 2019 until April 30, 2019 EST. Any clips sent after that won't be included!

Redbana Staff will judge the entries~~


Top Singer Rewards 

1st Place: 30,000 Bana Cash
2nd Place: 25,000 Bana Cash
3rd Place: 20,000 Bana Cash

*5,000 BanaCash reward each*


All valid non-winning participating entries will receive 3,000 Bana Cash each.

Can't wait to hear yalls voices 

NOTE: Rewards will be sent after the event. The decision of the staff will be final.