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[March 2019] You Look Popular

View : 185    Date : 03/01/2019

Greetings Auditioneers!

You know what.. I think I saw you somewhere.. Wait no! I'm pretty sure It's you! ;D

- From March 1-16,2019 players will choose 1 popular celebrity of their own desire.
- They must pick an in-game outfit found on the shopping mall to match how the celebrity wear clothes to be their look alike.
- Take a screenshot and post it together with your IGN and the celebrity name.
- 3 Lucky players will be chosen to receive 5000 BanaCash.
- All participants will receive 30% discount coupons.

- Participants must post their entries here in this thread only.
- Only 1 entry per account.
- Players don't need to purchase the outfit on the shopping mall.
- The screenshot must show the items worn in a setup tab.
- All rewards will be sent after the event.

Show us your best look alike. <3