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[February 2019] Garden of Valentines

View : 300    Date : 02/06/2019

Celebrate the whole month of love together with your couple as we bring you the Garden of Valentines event!

- Post a screenshot of your couple garden designed as ‘Love Theme’
- Your garden must have any Red and White fully-bloomed Lvl.5 Flowers  (All flowers must be level 5, and of the colors red and white only)
- Post it together with you and your couple's IGN and the reward you choose

You can choose either of the following:
- Love Party Ticket
- 2000 BC *each account*
- 500 hearts each account (if couple will exceed heart requrement for LP upon adding the hearts, couple must pass LP first before the hearts are added to avoid account problems)

- Rewards will be sent after the event.
- Please include IGN and reward selection in your post.
- All entries must be posted in this forum event thread.

Let's see your Couple Garden designed inspired with Love!