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Compensation Items

View : 445    Date : 04/17/2017

Hello Auditioneers,

Due to the unforeseen events that occurred in the game in the past few days, we will be giving out items as compensation for the following issues:

1st Part: WEBSHOP Issue
Some players had a problem receiving the purchased items instantly in-game upon purchasing in the WEBSHOP. There were some technical problems in the system and it resulted to having some delays in sending the items and or not receiving the items at all.

We will be giving out the following to the players who were affected by this issue:

For Female:

Red Riding Hood'Look (3 days - effect item)
Wild'Magenta Bomber Jacket (3 days - effect item)
Bana Cash: 1,000BC

For Male:

Spicy'Red Beanie Look (3 days - effect item)
Wild'Magenta Bomber Jacket(3 days - effect item)
Bana Cash: 1,000BC

2nd Part: Normal Game Patcher Issue
We had some technical issues with the server and the players could not download the new patch for the game.

For those players who have logged in on April 12 - 14, 2017 in-game, they will receive the following items:

2x EXP Card (5 pcs)
BEATS 2x Card (5 pcs)
3X EXP (5 pcs)
3X BEATS (5 pcs)

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience these issues have caused.