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BANA Gacha!

View : 607    Date : 04/20/2017

Hello Auditioneers!

The items for the BANA Gacha has been changed and updated!

Try your luck and see if you can get the Limited Edition and Rare Items!

You can't buy these on the Shopping Mall and you never know when the Item List will change.

Of course! No Item List will be complete without Items with Special Effects.

So what are you waiting for?

Go visit the WEBSHOP and get those special rewards!

Good Luck and Have Fun! 


<> Gacha items are automatically sent to the Gift Box immediately.
<> Gacha Item List will change randomly at any given moment.
<> Chicken Love Shirt and Avarice's Skull are Limited Edition Items and they are not available in the Shopping Mall.
<> Floral Cherry Hairstyle & Begonia Straight Cut Bangs are Items with Effects
<> Indefinite Item (Avarice's Skull) will be inserted manually and if the Gacha is played on Friday and Saturday, expect the item on Sunday.
<> If you unexpectedly received a random Shoes Item, expect a Mark Item.???ˆÂ€?/p>